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History of Food Trucks & Street Food in NYC

25 E 22nd Street
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From the invention of the stainless steel hot dog cart in Lower Manhattan to the establishment of public retail markets during and after the Depression Era to the branded food trucks we see today, this talk will explore the impact of immigrant communities on the street vending industry and public markets in New York City.  Attendees will learn about classic New York businesses that were once started by peddlers, historical debates over peddling, public space, and public markets, and the challenges and rewards of operating a mobile food vending business or market stall in New York City today. Stories of market and food cart vendors from around New York City will be highlighted throughout the presentation, with an emphasis on the ties between immigrant communities and our city’s food distribution systems. Participants will be asked to listen to the lecture portion which will be one hour long followed by Q&A.

*This event is only open to Felicity House Community Members. If you are interested in participating in Felicity House contact info@felicity-house.org*

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