COVID Activities | Felicity House


  • Explore Art or Take a Virtual Museum Tour: 
    Always wanted to learn more about Frida Kahlo or become an expert on Starry Night, check out these tutorials online.  If you’re missing museums, these 12 famous institutes are offering virtual tours. 
  • Visit National Landmarks:
    Become a virtual explorer by visiting these famous landmarks online. You can visit the Great Wall of China here or even visit Mars! Click here to see other virtual expeditions.
  • Watch a TED Talk: 
    There’s a TED Talk about almost every topic on the planet. Whether you want to laugh or learn something new, you can watch any TED Talk here

Watch Some Felicity House Staff Favorites:

What Happens When You Reply to a Spam Email

The Danger of a Single Story

The Power of Vulnerability


  • Looking to get your Disney Fix: 
    Even though the parks are closed you can still go on rides virtually here or if you’d like to do some karaoke at home, check out the Felicity House karaoke playlist here (with Moana, of course) 
  • Spend an Evening With Your Favorite Icons: 
    Spend an evening online with your favorite icons. Listen to an intimate chat with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg or get some writing inspiration from Neil Gaiman. Listen to Lin Manuel Miranda’s new Hamilton song here or check-in on legend Betty White.
  • Attend a Play or Concert:   
    Join your favorite celebrities as they create and perform new works of art within twenty-four hours. Learn more about your favorite Broadway Stars, on Broadway Sandwich, a free show dedicated to all things Broadway. Music fan? Click here to see a list of online concerts and shows by your favorite musicians. 


  • TV & Streaming: 
    Need a laugh? Check out this list of the funniest shows on TV right now.  Take your mind off being inside by watching this list of the “most relaxing” shows to watch right now.
  • YouTube: Sand, Slime, and Other Videos:
    Go down a much-needed YouTube wormhole by exploring oddly satisfying  YouTube trends like kinetic sand or slime. Take a blast through the past with these old-school Youtube Videos (remember Numa Numa?). And, of course, we can’t forget about cute animal videos, click here for a Felicity House curated list of animal videos. 


  • Learn How to Draw: 
    Working on flexing your drawing muscles? Click here for 101 drawing ideas. 
  • Move Your Body: 
    Learn some new Dance moves for the latest Tik Tok Challenge or maintain your Yoga routine. Lots of gyms are taking their classes online, click here to see a list of gyms who are offering free video workouts. 

(Have a favorite show? Discovered cool events online? Great ideas for relaxing at home?  Send it to