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Art at Felicity House

Did you know that Felicity House has an art collection composed completely of female artists? We take great pride in making sure our space is warm and inviting. For this reason, we carefully selected artworks that will reflect a welcoming vibe and inspire creativity among our community. We worked with an assortment of artists to curate several pieces made by women with autism and also other female artists.

Here are some of our favorite pieces:

Susan Brown’s “Her Mother” 

About the artist:

Susan Brown was born in 1957  and was diagnosed with autism as a young child. She began drawing  at the age of five. Her work has been shown in Pure Vision Arts’ exhibitions at the Cooper Union Great Hall Gallery, Marlborough Gallery, Ricco Maresca Gallery, the Museum of American Folk Art and The New York Transit Museum, as well as at many other New York venues.

Elisa Huberman:

About the Artist:

Elisa Huberman is an artist, filmmaker, illustrator, and author.  Her art has been featured in JCC’s Artistic Spectrum, at Pure Vision Arts and in her new children’s book, The Upside Down Giraffe. 

Rebeca Raney’s “Hair Drawing 15”

About the Artist:

Rebeca is a New York-based artist who creates drawings and sculptures in her studio in Brooklyn. Rebeca graduated with a MFA from the School of Visual Arts. Rebeca is also the resident guest artist at Felicity House, available during Open Hours to help support community members with their ongoing art projects.


Christina Watka’s: “Murmuration IX”

About the artist: Christina is a large-scale installation artist  who creates custom art that’s site-specific.  She received her BFA from The New England School of Art and Design. She uses porcelain to replicate dynamic patterns in nature like swarms, flocks, cells, constellations, and topographical maps.



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