Sara Gibbs webinar at Felicity House | Felicity House

Sara Gibbs webinar at Felicity House

British author and comedy writer, Sara Gibbs, virtually joined Felicity House on Saturday February 25th (2023). She shared how her passion for writing developed, how she explored her special interests, her reactions to her autism diagnosis, and how she has used her strengths to shape and develop her career. She read an excerpt from her book, “Drama Queen One Autistic Woman and a Life of Unhelpful Labels,” and shared tips for aspiring writers. 

Sara ended the event by encouraging community members to explore their passion for writing by saying “even if you are just doing it for yourself at first, keep a notebook, or your notes app or whatever else, just write down your observations, write down things that make you laugh, write down things you find interesting, write down unusual things that happen, just do it, just keep writing!”. 

You can watch the whole webinar session down below: 

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