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Summer at Felicity House

We had a great summer at Felicity House. To celebrate the season of sun, we planned summer-focused activities. In our Circles, which are small social meetings (you can read more about them here), we enjoyed a Mixology demo and made our own zen sand boxes.

Our DIY zen gardens were created by using wooden boxes that we decorated using paint and markers. We then added sand, rakes, shells and gratitude rocks. The beach-themed boxes will help us enjoy summer all year round!

For Mixology, we brought in a professional mixologist who taught us how to blend three summer drinks. These non-alcoholic beverages were the perfect way to cool off on a hot day. The drink shown below was a magical Butterfly Lemonade with a base of tea and lemons that changed colors when we added certain ingredients. Check out the recipe below.

Butterfly Lemonade Recipe

• 5 Tablespoons of Azul tea (this can be ordered online and includes Butterfly Pea – Lemon Verbena – Lemongrass)
• 5 Whole Lemons
• Maple Syrup
• Ice
• Filtered or Spring Water

Brew Azul Tea in French Press, let it sit for ten minutes. While waiting, juice lemons separately. After ten minutes, add lemon juice to Azul Tea and
watch it transform from dark purple to bright pink! Add Maple Syrup to taste. Serve with ice and garnish with lemon wedge. Enjoy!

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