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We’re in Vox

In the summer of 2019 Anna North, novelist and senior reporter at Vox visited Felicity House. Anna later shared her experience in her article Inside Felicity House, a New York social club for women with autism. In the article, Anna beautifully captured the voices of our community members:

“There is really something to be said about being in a place where you don’t need to translate yourself,” said Christine, a 29-year-old member of the house. (To maintain their privacy, all members interviewed by Vox asked that only their first names be used.) “Walking into Felicity House was weirdly like walking into a place where everyone spoke my language.”

Another community member shared the importance of having a female-only space: “In college, I was the only woman in my life-skills group … I stopped going after a few weeks because I couldn’t connect.”

We are thrilled for the opportunity to publicly share Felicity House through our community members’ own voices.  Click here to read the full article or here to read other published articles on Felicity House. 


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