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Making Space for Women on the Spectrum

Someone once told me that Asperger’s Syndrome is an exaggerated form of maleness. I don’t remember if this was a psychiatrist, therapist, or some other professional expert on ASD, but it stuck with me for a very long time. As a female-bodied person who has struggled with their gender identity,…

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Invisibly Autistic: Women and the Autism Services Crisis

Recently, an autism professional shared a story she thought was funny: her friend wished to be born in the next life as a woman with autism, because there are so many opportunities for us—supposedly since we are rarer than autistic men. When I heard this story, I was angry. I’d…

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Felicity House Celebrates Women Artists with Autism

On March 12, 2015 Felicity House celebrated women artists with autism. “Artistic Expressions: As Told by Women on the Autism Spectrum” included art and performances by the CO/LAB Theater Group, Elisa Huberman from Pure Vision Arts and Samantha Elisofon, star of the short film “Keep the Change.”

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