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We’re in the news

Meeting the Unique Needs of Women on the Autism Spectrum
Autism Spectrum News, Spring 2020
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Inside Felicity House, Where Women with Autism Find a Sisterhood 
TODAY Show, January 2020
There’s a Free Social Club For Women with Autism And They’re Having More Fun Than You
Tank’s Good News, January 2020
Inside Felicity House, a New York Social Club for Women with Autism
Vox, June 2019
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Social Connections for Women with ASD in Transition: 5 Areas of Importance
Spectrum News, January 2019
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More Paths for People with Autism
New York Times, July 2018
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Girls with Autism Need Help Honing Social Skills in Realistic Settings
Spectrum News, January 2018 
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The Missing Autistic Girls
Edutopia, September 2017
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Inside a New York City Social Club for Women with Autism 
Women in the World, August 2017
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The Social Needs of Women on the Autism Spectrum
Autism Spectrum News, Fall 2016
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Autism – It’s Different in Girls
Scientific American Mind, March 2016
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The Lost Girls
Spectrum News, October 2015
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